About Us

Foozzball is a family owned business entirely focused on selling high-quality Foosball tables at exceptional prices.  This allows us to be experts in this very special part of your game room/backyard/office.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service on both suggestions from the hundreds of products available, to arranging for you to get delivery that meets your needs.

All our suppliers have only one distributor in the United States. So, we deal with same individuals at these distributors that the Big Box retailers do.  

Our team will always suggest ideas for you should you find something out of stock or want some options to choose from.  We work around the clock in updating product features, availability, and pricing changes.  

We love helping people get exactly what they want and we follow up until you do! 

Thanks for shopping with Foozzball!


Our Story

It all began a few years ago with an addiction at the game room of a Fortune 50 Tech Company.

In the beginning, we had only one short game after lunch, then another one at the end of the day, after that tournaments began and before we knew it a new culture has arisen in our office…

When it came time to replace our battered "Roberto Sports Flexy", we set off on our journey to find our ideal next table. Being engineers, we treated this challenge with a ridiculously and uncompromising strive to perfection and optimization. Considering all our needs and restrictions we became real experts in finding the ideal foosball table and not just for us but for anyone who seeks a good and reliable foosball table within the boundaries of his budget.  


We hate it when hard-acquired knowledge is wasted and forgotten...


So, we decided to open a store and pass it on!