Tornado Classic Foosball Table

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

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The Tornado Classic foosball table (formerly Storm 2) is the first choice for anyone who wants a high-quality Tornado table without having to pay the price of the T-3000. You can train with the leading American brand in the world of foosball tables. Made in the USA.

Free Gift for a limited time only: FoosTrain™ Foosball Training System. The perfect companion for your Tornado table!

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The Tornado Classic is the model that since 2010 has been replacing the old Tornado Storm II. This table combines both robust construction and a contemporary and uncluttered style. All the features you can look for in a foosball table are present on the Tornado Classic. All the parts that Tornado uses in their tables including the Classic are of professional quality and will allow you to play like a pro for many years to come.

The structure is MDF wood covered with a black laminate for a refined look. Its weight of 225 lbs makes it extremely stable and will be perfect for your foosball matches. The maple wood handles are very easy to handle and control. The bars are made of chrome but in the perfect size to play fast enough. The playground is melamine and allows a fast and precise game. It is also leveled to be perfectly straight. In case your floor is not completely straight, you can adjust the feet in a few seconds for an unbiased game. High-density plastic players are weighted for perfect balance. They can be left horizontal without fear of falling down to allow smooth and fun one-on-one games. They form of the feet was redesigned for more precise control of the ball.

The Tornado Classic foosball table (formerly Storm 2) is the first choice for anyone who wants a high-quality Tornado table without having to pay the price of the T-3000. You can train with the leading American brand in the world of foosball tables. Made in the USA.

 Key Features

  • Adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers.
  • Patented counterbalanced Tornado men improved with sharper corners and increased cross section for better ball control and passing
  • Black textured leather laminate finish on a rugged 1 ½” thick cabinet
  • Natural solid-wood handles
  • 3/4" laminate playfield with three-color Tornado logo.
  • Redesigned player “foot” allows more precise ball control with higher cross-hatching and square sides
  • Single side ball return
  • Classic Style blonde-and-black goal counters
  • Proudly built in Richland Hills TX, USA.


Specification Sheet
Height: 36''
Length: 56''
Width: 30''
225 lbs
Play Surface Material: Laminate 
Cabinet material: MDF
Leg Levelers: Yes
Counterbalanced Players: Yes
Player material: High-density plastic 
Rods material: Hollow Steel
Handles: Solid Wood 8-sided
Ball Return: Side-Middle
Balls: 3 Balls
Assembly Required: Legs and Rods 
Warranty: 1 Year 
Country of Origin: USA

This Tornado table comes with the perfect gift, FoosTrain™ - The ultimate foosball training system!

It consists of 2 main parts:

The "Strech Goal" training system helps you learn or improve your pull and push shots with 12 levels of difficulty, from Beginner to Impossible. Use this training device every day, and you will have a lightning-fast pull shot in 8 weeks. The video below shows how easy it is to install and use.

The "Practice Plate" snaps in front of the goal to help you practice shooting the corners of the goal, which are the hardest areas to defend. It will improve the accuracy of your pull, push, rollover/snake, pull-kick, push-kick, euros, and most other shots. See the video for installation and use.



Spring and Hook Installation

Install the springs and hooks as shown in the picture. Start with only the single band spring. Hook one end of the spring between the first and second man on the offensive 3-man rod. Hook the other end between the men on the 2-man rod.

Barrier Bar Installation

Slide bar lock end of barrier bar into the toe hole of one of the men on the two-man rod. Slide the stopper end into the other man's toe hole, and twist the bar lock until it tightens the barrier bar in place between the two men.

Pull Shot

Pull the ball to the near side of the goal and kick it in, all with the middle man on the 3-man rod, as shown by ball path. Beginners will find it takes some practice to make the first pull shot around the defender because he moves with you.

Push Shot

Move the offensive hook to the other side of the middle 3-man. Slide both rods all the way toward you and make a push shot.

Improving Your Shot

Once you can beat the 1-band spring, move up in levels listed in the Spring Settings Chart. For levels 8-12, use advanced position as shown in the picture.



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Why Tornado?


A legend worldwide among Tournament foosball players as their table of choice.

Tornado is the smart choice in a foosball table because it has all the features and playability that players prefer, demand and expect. Features like:

  • "Friction Grip" handles - Players come to know the position of the "men" without even looking.
  • Playfield markings - precisely and consistently placed, providing exact visual references for even the most difficult shots.
  • Centerless ground rods - hollowed for lighter weight, smooth action, and fast response.
  • Counterbalanced, low profile men for better visibility.
  • Patented innovations
  • Perfectly symmetrical balls
  • Positive 9-ball drop
  • Full-size playfield
  • 3-man goalie (Platinum Tour Edition and T-3000 can be ordered with single-goalie configuration)
  • The crisp "pop" sound of a goal made.

These are the "marks" of a Tornado table that players look for.

Tornado also manages the tough job of pleasing players, and operators. Our tables require minimal maintenance to maintain reliability and provide a solid return on investment for years to come.

Tornado, built with pride and quality in Richland Hills Texas, USA.


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